North State STEM Winter 2017 Newsletter

A 4-day fully-immersive experience for teens 13-18 years old.  Working hands-on with some of today’s most innovative technology — building custom inventions in fun and creative challenges alongside their peers, all in an inspiring and safe environment. - June 6 – 9, 2017

  • Day 1: Explore – At our technology roundtable, your son or daughter will get their hands on technology like 3D printers and robotics and gain preliminary skills to succeed.
  • Day 2: Evaluate – Teens are placed into teams and given a challenge, like building a microprocessor or creating a mini cellular tower.
  • Day 3: Engage – This is the heavy work day, where building and experimentation take place. Teens get so focused we almost have to force them to go to lunch.
  • Day 4: Exhibit – Each team demonstrates its new invention in front of friends and family.

Teens that join Engineering Camp develop the tools to thrive in a challenging environment. Some of our past campers, who had never been exposed to engineering, ended up pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields after attending. Hands-on experience, team-building exercises, fun and challenging environments — Engineering Camp has it all.  Just imagine: Inspired kids! Expanded minds! Unlocked potential!

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