STEM/STEAM is coming alive in Trinity County! Our Mobile STEAM Team has now visited 5 of our elementary schools. This team provides STEAM activities to TK-8th graders in an expo like setting either during the school day, during after-school programs, or as a parent event after school. So far, this event has led to multiple elementary school districts embracing STEAM within the classroom. We have had multiple teachers work with our STEAM coaches to either generate ideas, projects, and integration. One of our schools has even hired a STEAM consultant who works with students one day a week. Our next phase is to be able to provide classroom teachers with exemplar lessons taught by or with our coaches in classrooms TK-8th grades. 

Currently, we are gearing up for our all county professional development day. This will provide multiple STEAM related learning platforms available to all county employees. The mobile STEAM team will continue to visit schools this year and provide STEAM events. Our annual County STEAM Expo will take place in May and in June we are excited to announce that we are providing an engineering camp through Table Top Inventing. This will be available to all staff and students 6-8th grade. Students will have the opportunity to work with 3D printers, Arduino instruction and projects, and electrical engineering. It is an outstanding camp and has generated quite a bit of excitement throughout the county.